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Welcome to The Point Pilates & Dance Center and thank you for choosing us for your pilates journey.



  • As a courtesy, please show up on time for your class. We strongly recommend arriving at the Studio 5-minutes before your scheduled appointment.


  • Any client arriving 10 minutes late or more to a group class can participate only at his own risk and The point Center cannot in any circumstance take responsibility for any injury.The warm up is very important.


  • Please turn off all your electronic devices upon entering the studio. The use of mobile phones and any other device is not allowed in group classes.



  • Please wear suitable attire. We recommend wearing close-fitting clothing, nothing too baggy,for the benefit of personal safety, free movement and efficient teaching.We recommend grip socks and tied hair up.


  • No jewellery is allowed as it may cause injury or damage the studios equipment.



  • Please do not apply lotion on hands and exposed skin to avoid stains on the equipment


  • The client needs to inform the instructor before class for any injuries,pains or other health issues .

  • If you are sick (flue ,virus ,stomach pain chest pain ,cough etc)you would not be allowed in the group class first for your health safety and then for the overall group safety.



  • To secure your place in the group, monthly subscriptions should be paid in advance by the 5th day of each month. No exceptions will be allowed.The sessions are not refundable not transferable.



  • All private lessons need to be prepaid . all scheduled sessions require a 24 hour cancellation . Any missed appointment or the same day cancellation will be charged a session off your current package series.




  • Studio :credit card /cash 

Internet banking :directed to Elena Kyprianou 

HELLENIC BANK / Bank of Cyprus / Revolut 

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